Because our bodies are designed to move. Because we were made to feel the wind and be amazed by the expanse of the world. Because the sound of gravel underfoot signals thoughts of the distance traveled. Because our lives are built on the foundation of our experiences, those we are proud of and those we regret. Because every sunset is followed in time by a sunrise, every inhale condensed to what we need; and what we do not, is exhaled. Because without the air in our lungs and sun on our backs we’d shrivel up, reduced to getting our fill of life from screens, the monitoring of updates, as if we could get the same sustenance from likes and shares and etcetera. Because this life, this body and world that surrounds us all is a gift. Because the appreciation of this awareness and the understanding, or attempt thereof, of the relationship between the two makes us who we are.

Because it is the closest I get to prayer. It is the closest I get to meditation.

It is the closest I get to the divine.

Because things are not always easy and being comfortable with discomfort is important. I have seen enough to know that those who do hard things, can do hard things.

I do it because I want to be better.

Better than I was yesterday. Stronger than I was before. More resilient tomorrow than I am today.

I am two weeks from Eastern States 100. I have never run so much in my life. I have covered nearly 1000 miles over the past months in preparation. I am as ready as I can be. I do not know what the day will bring I do not take anything for granted, not a single breath or a single step. I do not know if I will finish. I do not know, for sure, anything but the present moment, this second, this breath, this fleeting flicker of light.

But what I do know is that this experience is and has been a gift, however it turns out. I know that running is not just about running. I know that the ability to physically do these things is a blessing for which I am aware and am fully grateful. I know that no goal is too large or too distant. I know that we are all capable of extraordinary things, things far greater than we think. I know that I have the best family, most importantly wife, in the world and their flexibility, encouragement and understanding of these goals is unparalleled.

I know that I will continue to work as hard as I can to absorb every golden drop of honey life has to offer.

I know that I will be better than I was yesterday. Stronger than I was before. More resilient tomorrow than I am today.


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