The Hipster and a Band of Runners

In the upper edge of Delaware, along the perfect one third circumference line where the state meets with its rocky northern neighbor, there is a lacy network of trails that are home to countless routes through the iconic Brandywine Valley. Paths that wander around farmers fields and along mild, Mid-Atlantic ridgelines. Singletrack that dips into […]

The Real Highlight.

We are at times boundless. Orbs of formless energy hurtling towards some yet unseen target. The goal. A point whose magnetism draws us in, pulling us onward. The end. This is how I had started the summary of my year of running. Undoubtedly, my biggest yet. It is how I’d attempt to summarize the latest […]

The Shift. 

Today was not a day of excitement. Or positive pre-race jitters. Or about willingly and enthusiastically exploring the things on the edge of what I can do. From the first sound of the alarm, the morning was filled with the standard pre-race routine, eating food, dressing in the clothes I methodically prepared the night before. […]