The Real Highlight.

We are at times boundless. Orbs of formless energy hurtling towards some yet unseen target. The goal. A point whose magnetism draws us in, pulling us onward. The end. This is how I had started the summary of my year of running. Undoubtedly, my biggest yet. It is how I’d attempt to summarize the latest […]

The Shift. 

Today was not a day of excitement. Or positive pre-race jitters. Or about willingly and enthusiastically exploring the things on the edge of what I can do. From the first sound of the alarm, the morning was filled with the standard pre-race routine, eating food, dressing in the clothes I methodically prepared the night before. […]

Time Warp 

 So there is a bit of a time warp. Time is used solely to define distance. Minutes are transferred into miles, and those miles used only to symbolize the space between the things needed to survive. Sustenance. And pizza. Ok, and candy. You leave the aid station and slog up the trail. Movement that would […]